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    Sinus by Staiger is a high-end German brand, part of the renowned Winora group.

    Staiger’s reputation lies in a unique quality of material used and workmanship, combined with an optimum tuning of all components. Staiger’s history began in 1898 when Paul Staiger opened his first bike shop.

    Equipped with the latest Bosch ebike system, the Sinus range will satisfy the needs of the most demanding urban users.  True connoisseurs will appreciate the details and the exceptional quality of finish.


  • Haibike Ebikes

    Haibike are a multi award winning German brand.

    The combination of Bosch or Yamaha middle motors, clever technology from onboard computers and condition & terrain sensors provide an exceptional riding experience. 

  • Kalkhoff Ebikes

    Kalkhoff Electric Bikes are one of Europe’s largest and most recognized bicycle brands, and offers a broad range of  high-performance electric models ideal for urban transportation, touring and everyday recreation.

    For over 90 years Kalkhoff Electric Bikes has been producing quality bikes at its original factory in Cloppenburg (Lower Saxony). It is a combination of traditional values and modern technology that enables us to offer everyone the perfect Kalkhoff Bike. Today Kalkhoff Electric Bikes still firmly believes in manufacturing its products in Germany and does so as a matter of policy. For this reason the “Made in Germany” quality mark on our bikes is much more than just a sales tag – it is a conviction the company lives by.

    Kalkhoff have recently developed their award winning impulse system. Compared to the Panasonic system there is more acceleration and more consistent assistance. Moving from a standstill it takes off quicker and there is less of a need to find the right gear. Impulse almost seems to anticipate hills, making them easier to cycle up than flat sections.

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Showing 1 - 4 of 4 items